Thursday, January 17, 2008

A present for Tommy (reluctantly modelled by Sophie)

Just finished this set in the nick of time. Tommy became a big brother last night when Mikaela Ann arrived. I am really happy with the singlet which I got from Target and appliqued the train on but not so happy with the shorts. They are a silky/satin material (only because it was the only Thomas fabric I could find) and I had all sorts of problems with fraying etc. Mum has looked at them and given me a few pointers for next time including how I should have finished the edges to make it look much neater. I think I will give these to Tommy now and make another better pair next week some time to replace them. I hope he likes them!

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Scrapsister said...

Wow they look pretty good from here! I am yet to sew any satin. I love the singlet, it turned out so well.