Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My brother Sam

This is a photo of my beautiful brother Sam who left us 6-11-02 aged just 25. The last few years have been extremely difficult for my family as we all struggle to move on without him. We were all excited and amazed when mum discovered this site last week after googling his name
It tells a beautiful story of how my aunt/uncle and cousins wrote letters to Sam, placed them in a bottle and threw it overboard whilst sailing in Tasmania. They wanted his spirit to travel the world, to see all the places he didn't see whilst alive. The bottle was then found by a Norwegian man who was extremely touched by the bottle. He created the site. I will let you read the rest yourselves.
RIP Sam, we miss you more than words can say xx

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blackie said...

this is such a beautiful story. what a special way to send off your brother, and how amazing that the message was found. thanks for sharing