Thursday, October 16, 2008

My quilts

Two of my sewing buddies, Lisa and Ellie are both making quilts and were eager to see photo's of some of mine so here they are! The first is my all time favorite - My Japanese Quilt. This was made pre-kids and it's huge. Brett actually received an all expenses paid invitation to run in a marathon in Japan which he did and mum and I tagged along. We also got to meet up again with an exchange student who had stayed with us years before. So that was the basis for this quilt. It was simple to make but I think the end result is very effective. I had it professionally quilted and have included a close-up of the beautiful job that they did of it. It hangs over the back of my couch and gives the room a real cosy/homely feel. I love it.

The 2nd one is an "I spy" quilt. This one was also easy but loads of fun. You collect as many novelty type prints eg butterflies, bugs, faries as you like and then once its made up you play "I spy" or a version of it if they are little - eg who can find a butterfly? Its so much fun. Sophie has it on her bed at night as she is a cold frog like me and then it also gets dragged out when watching dvds etc in winter. Much loved! This was made way back when Sophie was a baby (so almost 4 years ago)!


Ellie said...

They are both stunning. SO glad you told us that you got is professionally machine quilted because I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that and was like no way am I ever showing you one of my dodgy attempts again.

They both truly are gorgeous.

Lisa said...

OK I'm NEVER showing a quilt again, sheesh talk about talented.

PinkLizzy said...

Oh MY! They're amazing!
The eye spy quilt is such a cool idea!

Em said...

Gorgeous! I wonder if all 'Emma's' are as crafty as we?