Monday, August 11, 2008

6 random things!

I have been tagged by Lisa I have to tell you 6 random things about myself that you may or may not already know!

1. Whilst in high school and uni I used to work as a checkout chick at Safeway. I was the Geelong Checkout Operator of the Year for about 3 years in a row and placed 4th in the Victorian State Checkout Operator of the Year one year and 3rd another year. Hey, don't laugh the prizes were $3000 travel voucher and $1500 travel voucher. The winner won a new Holden Barina!

2. I was engaged once (before Brett) and almost eloped. Thank God I came to my senses on that one!

3. Brett and I met at work when he did a 4 month intern placement on the surgical ward I was working on. I think we managed to keep that quiet for about 2 weeks!

4. We bought a house after being together for less than 6 months using a large deposit that was entirely mine (I sold the house I already had). He had NOTHING to his name. And we also put it soley in his name so we would get the extra $7000 first home buyers grant. I shudder now to think what could have happened if it all turned sour!

5. My brother Sam died in a motorcycle accident aged just 25, 4 days after our wedding. We were honeymooning in Palm Cove at the time and couldn't get a flight out until the following morning. He was on his way to his girlfriends house and was hit by a driver who had only had his licence for a week and failed to give way. Awful, awful time. The best and worst days of my life within 4 days of each other.

6. My mum discovered this site probably about a year ago. Amazingly we knew nothing of the message in the bottle until the finder wrote such a beautiful story about it. I will let you read the story yourselves. Message in a bottle

So there you go, 6 random things about myself. I am also supposed to tag 6 others but the only people I know that have blogs are the newbie sewers and I think they have already been tagged so I will have to skip that part.


Ellie said...

Checkout operator of the year hey.. Obviously no one at my local grocery store is in the running for that little pearler.

So where did you go on your trip?

Lisa said...

Can you come and teach the people working at my local grocery store???

Gilly said...

Number 5 made me cry - Im really sorry that happened.

On a lighter note - I also did the engaged before I married my husband thing and thank god I too came to my senses! And I hope you still put Check out chick of the year award on your CV!!!!! hehehehe

Rocal said...

Very moved by your post. What a terrible loss, but wonderful to have the beautiful memories of your wedding!