Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flanelette PJ's

I finally finished off these flanelette PJ's. Am very happy with them - they are a little big (size 4) but as Sophie seems to be somewhere between a size 3 and 4 I thought this was the safer option. She loves them! The collar was a little fiddly but I think when I do another pair it will be a bit easier. They were supposed to have "invisible" hand stitching on the back but my stitching was anything but invisible so in frustration I just sewed it on the machine (its under the back collar so don't see it anyway). I have another pair cut out ready to go for my niece and hope to do a dressing gown to go with it. Now I just need some time!

1 comment:

PinkLizzy said...

You made them? YOU MADE THEM? OH MY GOSH! They're perfect! I'm so so impressed. A collar and everything.